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Infinix-i Biplane Solutions

Designed with Leading Clinicians for Expanding Imaging Needs

Combining the exceptional flexibity of our floor and ceiling mounted positioners, the biplane is a great choice for pediatric, vascular and neuro diagnostic and interventional imaging.

Exclusive 5-Axis C-Arm

The Infinix-i biplane platform is designed to take advantage of its revolutionary five-axis C-arm for better patient access. Unique lateral arm vertical adjustment quickly optimizes imaging angles for better clinical visualization.

Unparalled Patient Access

The Infinix-i biplane platform provides unprecedented access to the patient and enhances the multi-disciplinary approach to patient care. With a wide range of specialists involved in Hybrid procedures, the system accommodates multiple clinicians and ancillary equipment to provide unsurpassed patient care.

Patient Experience

Infinix-i systems are designed with an enduring focus on improving the patient experience. From lowering radiation dose, to enhancing access for a wide variety of patients, Infinix-i systems are Made for Life.

Greater Patient Access

IAn exceptional collaborative environment is created by the system’s unique C-arm positioning, which allows a team of physicians and support personnel easy patient access. This unique Infinix-i attribute enables more complex procedures, like hybrid cardiac therapies.

To enable procedures for larger patients, the table has a weight capacity of over 700 lbs.

  • 484 lbs. when fully extended
  • An additional 220 lbs. when retracted


Reduce Radiation Dose

A wide variety of dose control tools enable clinicians to minimize radiation exposure to patients and staff.

Quiet Procedures

Enhance the overall exam experience with a reliable, quiet liquid-metal bearing X-ray tube. Lower ambient noise improves the clinician’s ability to communicate effectively with staff members and patients.

Clinical Applications

Infinix-i cardiovascular systems are available with different flat panel detector sizes depending on your coverage needs. The overall selection and flexible performance will enhance any imaging department’s workflow and patient care.

A uniquely designed mid-sized panel detector provides twice as much anatomical coverage in a single view versus traditional smaller flat panel detectors.

Not all flat panel detector sizes are available on all systems.

Improve Productivity Through Procedure Efficiency

Expand your Clinical Viewing Possibilities

The sizeable display area provides enlarged views of critical patient information. It also allows for easy manipulation of the image display format and size. With separate, conveniently located touch screen controls, toggle from one large fluoroscopic image to multiple display fields, all on one screen regardless of clinical discipline, the 56” monitor* displays high-resolution patient information in a wide variety of display patterns.

Higher Productivity With Parallel Processing

Simultaneously processing and transferring image data during acquisition yields quick, efficient exams. For example, during fluoroscopy and fluorography, operators can prepare for the next scheduled patient, process and save images from a previous (or current) study, and transfer or archive images to an associated network.

Intuitive Operation

All Infinix-i systems utilize intuitive tableside controls, with an ergonomic Hyperhandle, to provide all exam functions at the touch of a button. Once you’ve learned the system, you can intuitively manipulate the system by touch.

Automate Procedures

Physicians can quickly navigate through any procedure with Toshiba’s innovative Sequential Navigation. One touch of a button enables navigation through routine settings for each procedure type, while operators can change any parameter throughout the procedure without disrupting Sequential Navigation.